A Year in Classical Music ( is The Linnell Foundation's flagship project. It's an innovative, one of a kind study of music history through which we explore one year of music history at a time. 1926 came first, we're currently working on 1837, and a year from the late 1700's will be up next. Each series of podcasts surveys the music composed during that year by major and minor composers alike, setting it in the context of concurrent themes and events in the composers' lives and in the cultural, social, and political history of the time.


Radio Program


A primary long-term goal for A Year in Classical Music is to produce a radio program drawn from the research and literature we publish to our website and podcasts. These broadcasts will present the full scope of the A Year in Classical Music to the public. It will constitute the The Linnell Foundation's most effective means of accomplishing our charitable mission.


Website and Podcasts


We publish the research and literature we devote to each year in music history we study to the A Year in Classical Music website,, as a series of podcasts and blog entries. The podcasts are available at iTunes, as well. Mr. Linnell currently researches, writes, records, and publishes all of these podcasts; we plan eventually to engage other writers, to provide a range of perspectives on the history we address. 


Live Performances


The Linnell Foundation produces live performances based on our A Year in Classical Music project. These have included a program of chamber music composed in 1926 by Vaughan Williams, Roslavets, and Fuchs featuring the viola, a program of string quartets composed in 1837 by Cherubini and Mendelssohn, and a recital for violin and piano of 1926 compositions by Copland, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and Enescu. Once we've reached our long-term fundraising goals we plan to present A Year in Classical Music programs by large ensembles, including full orchestra and opera scenes.


Future Projects


The Linnell Foundation intends to use A Year in Classical Music as its model for programs addressing other forms of music, such as A Year in Jazz Music and A Year in Rock Music.